Football score prediction game. Predict outcomes of internationals, European cups and leagues.

What is it all about
Briefly speaking, it is all about fun. All you have to do is to predict outcomes of football matches. The better you predict, the more points you receive, the better position you gain in the rankings and the more satisfaction you have.
You need to predict score after regular time, i.e. without possible extra time or penalties. The scores can be predicted up to 5 minutes before the match starts. After this time predicting is no longer possible. Also then, all predictions become available to other players, increasing the excitement during the game. By default, only the nearest rounds are displayed on prediction page, but you can also predict future rounds. W.O. matches are discarded.
An unorthodox scoring system distinguishes Typeria from similar websites. Every player receives 3 points for predicting the exact score of the game or 1 point if only the outcome (i.e. draw or winner) is correct. Otherwise he receives no points. These points are then divided by outcome probability, which is given next to the fixture. The probability is calculated using odds published by one of the bookmakers and is available a few days before the match starts. Because the odds are subject to change, the ones from the latest moment before the match are used to calculate player's score.
Each player after the end of a season can be awarded with one of the ranks (visible on the ranking pages) at least for the next season. The rank is awarded for the player's performance in the whole season of a particular competition and multiple players can be awarded with the same rank. The player's performance is calculated as a percentage of points of the top scoring player (percentage of maximum points in the season - PMP), so the number of players does not matter. All international competitions are treated as one. The first rule which applies from the list that follows implies the player's rank. If no rules apply no rank is awarded.
  • Grand ChampionGrand ChampionPlayer has gained at least 98PMP in two last seasons or did that in last season while holding "Expert" rank.
  • ChampionChampionPlayer has gained at least 98PMP in the last season.
  • ExpertExpertPlayer gained "Grand Champion" rank in the past and has gained at least 90 PMP every following season since then and at least 98PMP in one of last three seasons.
  • ProfessionalProfessionalPlayer has gained at least 90PMP in the last season.
Each player after the end of a season can be awarded with a record badge. The badge is held by a given player (and visible on ranking pages) until gained by another one. Only one player can be awarded with a record badge for particular competition (unless multiple players have exactly the same score, which is almost impossible). The number of players or matches in the season does not matter and over time the record badge will become harder to gain, which makes it more prestigious. All international competitions are treated as one.
  • RecordRecordPlayer has gained most points per match in one season of the competition (all matches count, not only the predicted ones).